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List of Published Notifications
Dept. NameNotification No.Gazette No.Notification SubjectNotification DateNotification TypePage StartPage End.
Transport Department  124/2015-134 117 पदाधिकारियों को मोटरवाहन अधिनियम, 1988 की धारा-200 के तह्त शमन की शक्ति प्रदान करने के संबंध में14/02/2020Extra Ordinary12117_2_2020.pdf
Civil Aviation Department  121 6 Constitution of departmental tender committee13/02/2020Ordinary40406_1_2020.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  445 87 Jharkhand Goods and Services Tax (Seventh Amendment) Rules, 201910/02/2020Extra Ordinary12687_2_2020.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  446 88 Eighth amendment rules 201910/02/2020Extra Ordinary1388_2_2020.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  447 89 Notification NO. 69/201910/02/2020Extra Ordinary1389_2_2020.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  448 90 Notification No. 70/201910/02/2020Extra Ordinary1290_2_2020.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  449 91 Notification No. 71/201910/02/2020Extra Ordinary1291_2_2020.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  450 96 Notification No. 72/201910/02/2020Extra Ordinary1296_2_2020.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  451 92 Notification No. 74/201910/02/2020Extra Ordinary1392_2_2020.pdf
Finance (Commercial Tax) Department  452 93 Ninth amendment rules 201910/02/2020Extra Ordinary1493_2_2020.pdf

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